Newspapers and magazines

L'Express du Pacifique, published by Société de l'Express du Pacifique, is a bimonthly newspaper created in 1998, just after the closing of Le Soleil de Colombie (which had been publishing since 1968). It is the only all-French newspaper in the province, and now has an online edition.

The Community Digest is a bilingual (French-English) multicultural magazine published every week. It promotes cultural exchanges, bilingualism and social harmony.

La Data from: is a bimonthly bilingual (French-English) newspaper which started publication in June 1999. It is intended as a forum on diversity in the sense that it covers British Columbia's cultural communities. There is an online edition of this newspaper.

Local radio

French-language radio broadcasts by the Société Radio-Canada (SRC) originating in Vancouver and Montreal.

The Société radio communautaire Victoria is the first French-language community radio in British Columbia. It develops and produces French programs in Victoria, in the studios of CILS-FM 107.9. It started broadcasting in the Greater Metropolitan Victoria in November 2007

There is also a French-Language program broadcast by the University of Vancouver's campus radio station.

Local television

The local Société Radio-Canada in Vancouver produces a regional news program. Other programs by the SRC are produced in Montreal.

Other French-language channels are available by cable and satellite, including TV5, RDI, TVA, Artv, Canal D, Canal Évasion, Canal Z, Historia, RDS and Série +.