Health care and social services

In September 2003, the arrival of a new coordinator for Réseau Santé TNO en français and the creation of a policy committee provided additional impetus to the Francophone community network. The mandate of Réseau TNO Santé en français is to promote, in partnership with health system stakeholders, access to and development of health care in French in the Northwest Territories.

Although each hospital is required to have one position designated bilingual, this is still not always the case. However, a number of doctors and nurses speak French. The Réseau hopes to advance initiatives aimed at ensuring that Francophone communities in the Northwest Territories have access in French to the entire range of quality care and services offered by hospitals and other health care organizations. It also intends to participate actively in the reform of primary health care services by encouraging the integration of services that meet the needs of Francophone communities. The five activity areas for the Réseau Santé TNO en français are hospital care, mental health and drug addiction, long-term care, public health and community health.