Cultural and community life

  • The community centre is the focal point of Nunavut's Francophone community. It is the place where people have access to the Resource Centre and where social and cultural activities take place. It is also where AFN's and Nunafranc Inc.'s offices, as well as the studio and community radio facilities, are located.
  • Resource centre (films, newspapers, computers, Internet access)
  • Nunavut's Francophones are occasionally represented in the territory's multicultural festivals and events, but they also enjoy their own cultural activities, such as shows with songs and music, periodic or annual events (such as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day) and French-language movies.
  • The Association des francophones du Nunavut (AFN) creates opportunities for cultural expression and gatherings for Nunavut's Francophones with, for example, the Foire du livre et de la musique.
  • Social and sports events, such as the Rallye familial de motoneiges and the Partie d'huîtres, two events that are organized by the AFN. The Rallye familial de motoneiges, which is usually held as part of Toonik Tyme (a spring festival in Iqaluit), is an event that brings together Francophones seeking to display their sense of direction and observation. The Partie d'huîtres is a traditional event involving Iqualuit's Francophones that has been held for the past 18 years and usually takes place in October.
  • Historical and cultural research, documentation and information about Nunavut and its peoples are readily available, particularly on the Web. The Association des francophones du Nunavut's portal is a resource for learning more about Francophone culture in Nunavut.