Newspapers and Magazines

La Liberté is the sole French-language weekly in the province. It was established in 1913 by the Oblate religious community. Since 1970, it has been operated by Presse-Ouest Ltd, owned by the Société franco-manitobaine.

Several local publications are produced: La Gazette (Saint-Claude), Le Montagnard (Saint-Léon), Le Papier de Chez-nous (La Broquerie), Kes Kis Passe (Sainte-Anne), Le Bulletin (Saint-Pierre-Jolys), La Poche aux lièvres (Sainte-Geneviève), Le Réveil (Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface), De Chez-nous à Chez-vous (Sainte-Rose-du-Lac).


CKSB, the provincial Radio-Canada station, started broadcasting in 1946. CKSB offers its listeners several regional and national information and variety programs. Furthermore, Espace musique (89.9 FM in Winnipeg) offers a national programming aimed at musical diversity, the arts and Franco-Manitoban talent.

Envol 91 FM, la Radio communautaire du Manitoba Inc., is the result of the combined efforts of people of all walks of life to create a French-language radio offering music and entertainment. Upon its creation in 1991, Envol 91 FM was the first French-language community radio in Western Canada and the territories.


The télévision de Radio-Canada au Manitoba (CBWFT) offers programming which reflects the cultural and social realities of the population it serves in Manitoba. The Téléjournal Manitoba is the chief regional news program.

The Réseau de l'information (RDI) broadcasts 24-hour news programming and covers international, national and regional stories, with the contribution of a team of journalists based in Western Canada.

Cable: Subscribing to the basic cable package gives access to four French-language channels: SRC, RDI (Réseau de l'information), TV5 (international Francophonie) and TVA (Quebec television network). Additional fees give access to a wider variety of French-language channels.