In 2006, the Franco-Albertan community included 68,435 people with French as their mother tongue. However, if one looks at people who have French as their daily language of use but not necessarily as their mother tongue, the community totals 66,995 Francophones representing 2.05 percent of the total population of the province.

Franco-Albertans are found in all areas of the province. They are most populous around Calgary and Edmonton, attracted by the job opportunities and the varied services in an urban setting. More than half of the Franco-Albertan population lives in these cities and their surrounding areas: south of Edmonton, in the town of Beaumont, and to the north, in the towns of Saint Albert, Morinville and Legal. In Edmonton itself, the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood, home to many Francophone institutions, claims the title of French Quarter.

Significant concentrations of Francophones are found in Rivière la Paix, Bonnyville, Saint Paul, Plamondon and Lac La Biche. These northeastern and northwestern regions of the province have the highest percentage of Francophones: close to 8 percent in Census Division no. 12 (Bonnyville, Saint-Paul, Cold Lake). Francophones are a majority in the Falher region, particularly in the town of Falher itself and in the town of Girouxville.