In 2006, Prince Edward Island's Acadian and Francophone community included 5,875 people with French as their mother tongue. However, a total of 5,180 have French as their first official language spoken, meaning that it is their main language in everyday life, whether French is their mother tongue or not. These Francophones represent close to 4% of the province's total population.

Close to 7 out of 10 Francophones live in the western part of the Island, in Prince County, where they make up 8% of the population. They are largely concentrated in the Evangeline area, where they are the majority in some villages, including Wellington, Abram-Village and Mont-Carmel. They have developed a strong sense of belonging, which promotes community organization and togetherness. Another large concentration of Acadians and Francophones is located in Summerside and in surrounding communities such as Miscouche. Another significant group can be found in western Prince County, which includes Tignish, Palmer Road and St. Louis.

Without forgetting Rustico, the Island's Francophone community is essentially rural though nearly a thousand people live in Summerside, the regional service centre for the western side of the Island, and another thousand live in greater Charlottetown, the capital of the province. Another 135 Francophones can be found at the other end of the Island, in the Souris area of Kings County. It is important to note that recent initiatives are still being developed in Kings County to create a series of French language activities.