Government legislation and services

Federal government

  • The federal government provides services in French at a number of points of service. According to data from the Public Service Agency, 28.1% of the 1,755 positions in the federal public service in Prince Edward Island are designated as bilingual.

Provincial government

  • The government has an Acadian and Francophone Affairs Division and has implemented an Acadian Communities Advisory Committee in addition to appointing a minister responsible for Acadian and Francophone Affairs to the cabinet. Since 1987, there have been a number of positions designated as bilingual in the provincial public service. The Government of Prince Edward Island is supported by the federal government in its efforts to deliver services in French through the Canada-Prince Edward Island agreement on the promotion of official languages.

  • In April 2000, the first sections of Prince Edward Island's French Language Services Act were enacted. The Act represents the vision of the provincial government for delivering services in French over the next few years. The Act applies to all governmental departments and agencies, with just a few exclusions, and stipulates that all the laws and regulations of the province will henceforth be bilingual.


  • No law or policy guarantees that services will be provided in French by municipalities. However, the municipalities of Abram-Village and Wellington provide services in French.

Legal services

  • Prince Edward Island complies with the provisions of the Criminal Code and therefore provides criminal law services in French. Prince Edward Island's French Language Services Act (whose first sections were enacted in April 2000) includes provisions that relate to the administration of justice. The purpose of this Act is to enable Acadian and Francophone Islanders to be served in French from the beginning to the end of the judicial process.