Government legislation and services


Federal Government

The federal government offers services in both languages in several offices. According to the Public Service Agency, 6.6 percent of the 304 federal public service positions in Yukon are designated bilingual.

Territorial Government

  • In 1988, Yukon adopted an Official Languages Act, which stipulates that residents are entitled to government services in the language of their choice. In 1989, Canada and Yukon signed agreements to promote French as well as native languages, and to develop and provide French-language services for the territorial government.

  • Also in 1988, the government created the Bureau des services en français (BSF) to coordinate the promotion and provision of the government's French-language services. The BSF is today called the Direction des services en français.


  • The city of Whitehorse does not officially provide any bilingual services; however, Francophones may communicate with the administration in French. In 2001, the City of Whitehorse established relations with Lancieux, in France.

Legal Services

  • Since passage of the Official Languages Act, Francophones are entitled to be tried in their language in both civil and criminal cases.