Government legislation and services

Federal Government

The federal government offers French-language services at several points of services. According to statistics from the Public Service Agency, 10.9 percent of the 8,876 federal public service positions in Nova Scotia were designated bilingual.

Provincial Government

The Office of Acadian Affairs ensures the implementation of the French-language services Act (Bill 111) which was adopted in 2004 and officially became law in 2006.


Only the municipality of Clare has an official policy on Frenchlanguage services; two other municipalities, Richmond and Argyle, offer some services, but these are not guaranteed.

Legal Services

As throughout the rest of Canada, it is possible to undergo criminal proceedings in French.

The adoption of the French-language services Act produced tangible results in terms of legal services. The provincial Department of Justice's action plan on French-language services includes notions on language training for judicial services personnel and Crown prosecutors, as well as translation of several judicial documents available on the department's website. The legal aid office has also produced a plan on French-language services.

Finally, language training is made available to members of the Association des juristes d'expression française de la Nouvelle-Écosse (AJEFNE) in four areas: criminal law, pleading, language rights and the justice system. AJEFNE offers judicial workshops tailored to the needs of members of the community.