Health care and social services

Nova Scotia has taken great strides on the issue of availability of French-language health services. The Coordinator for French Language Health Services works since 2003 as liaison between the Department of Health and the Acadian and francophone community. Her role includes ensuring that planning includes French-language services, providing advice on the implementation of new initiatives to improve French-language services and providing support for the study and translation of documents. The Acadian and francophone community has benefited from several improvements in health care:

Primary health care

  • A directory of French-speaking primary health care providers is now available on the Department of Health's primary health care website.

Continuing care

  • Bilingual home care services;

  • Six nursing homes and two long-term care facilities in the province;

  • French classes offered to continuing-care providers to better meet the needs of Acadian and French-speaking clients.

Policy on nursing

  • Grants are made available to French-speaking students in the last year of a nursing program to encourage them to look for employment in Nova Scotia after obtaining their degree.

Emergency care services

  • There are some 70 bilingual paramedics who can offer emergency care in French in Nova Scotia.