Health care and social services

In 2006, the government passed the Local Health System Integration Act, which is aimed at planning an integrated health system to improve the health of the Ontario population through better access to quality health services.

The Act requires that the health system comply with the requirements of the French Language Services Act while serving Francophone communities. Under the Act, a French language health services advisory council was created to advise the minister on issues involving health and the delivery of services to Francophone communities.

French-language health services are also provided at Ottawa's Montfort Hospital, which has expanded following the end of its battle for survival in February 2002. In 2005 the provincial government granted funding that the hospital used to double in size and acquire modern equipment. Montfort is now also the medical centre serving the Canadian Forces in the National Capital Region.

"Health in French" also consists of a network of health services in different regions of the province, some of which were introduced in 2003. In 1989, the first Centre médico-social communautaire (Toronto) was created, bringing health and social services together under one roof.