Health care and social services

  • Since 1987, the government has been committed to providing its basic services in French in the hospitals of Prince Edward Island.
  • In addition to 35 positions designated as bilingual, the community can count on a large number of professionals able to provide services in French. However, the services are not all offered equally in all regions.
  • The Réseau des services de santé en français de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard was created in 2002. Its vision is to ensure that a full range of health services, with quality comparable to those offered in English, are available in French to Acadians and Francophones in the province. The Réseau has published a directory of French-speaking health care providers, including those in the private sector, and is particularly interested in recruiting and training bilingual health care professionals.
  • The Centre de santé communautaire Évangéline, located in the heart of the region with the highest concentration of Acadian and Francophone families in the province, is an effective model of partnership with the community. Through its bilingual multidisciplinary team and its simple, flexible operation, the Centre meets the needs of the community while being an integral part of the district's health care structure. The Centre's main philosophy is to work with the population toward well-being, emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention.